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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Oh Rush Limbaugh Oh Paul Campos...

Did you see Paul Campos' off-base comments in The Atlantic..? Click here to check it out...

Here's my response to Paul Campos and the entire Pro Fat Acceptance nonsense...

When it comes to America's weight issue, there are two categories: 1- People who are overweight 2- People on their way to becoming overweight. I agree w/ Paul Campos. There's no benefit to forcing the fat to become thin. Not gonna happen. Instead, the emphasis must be to reduce the risk for chronic disease in those overweight or obese. That means daily exercise; a non-starchy, non-fried, mostly-vegetarian diet; and water instead of soft drinks, sports drinks or juice. All of the above applies to Category 2 as well. But also we must do all that we can to preserve their health and prevent them from becoming overweight in the first place. That means a focus on pre-pregnancy to age 5, when body composition, eating patterns and exercise habits are being established. How can we justify junk food in school and daycare centers? Or marketing these harmful substances to children in any setting? Tax ingest-able entertainment like sweetened soft drinks and earmark that money for education, safe recreation facilities and affordable produce. Launch campaigns to convince parents to hook their kids on water rather than liquid candy. Re-cast our nation as one in pursuit of the long-term pleasures of good health rather than the quick fix high of junk food. Nutshell? Prevention: Prevention from the overweight and obese from becoming heavier and sicker. Prevention from the next generation from becoming sickly and overweight in the first place.

Want to debate whether or not the obese are already sick? Ask an orthopedic specialist. Ask any doctor who understands the effects of obesity-induced, excess estrogen on men, women and children. Ask heart specialists who understand silent inflammation associated with obesity... Obesity is associated with a higher incidence of infertility, pregnancy complications and ultimately, birth defects. So forget what Campos or I think--debate the matter with Darwin.

Even Darwin would have a hard time explaining Rush Limbaugh... Yesterday he reviewed my Campbell Brown CNN appearance and called me a B-I-tch. Know what? I kinda agree. But other than that one point, not so much.

A challenge for Rush Limbaugh??

Rush ba-bee, if ya don't want anyone to have an opinion about what you eat and how much you don't exercise, then by all means, pay 100% out-of-pocket for any obesity-related health consequences from your lifestyle choices...and of course, forfeit any future claims from Medicare. Put your convictions where your mouth is, Rush. xxxooo, MeMe "the bitch" Roth

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Sarah Dee said...

I read the article on Paul Campos and I had to stop and shake my head on most of the comments he made but one made me stop and re-read it a couple times and go, "thats not right is it?"

Paul: Gastric bypass is surgically induced bulimia.

How is the act of eating less bulimic? Bulimia is purging food not denying yourself food.