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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Expel Sugary Flavored Milks from School..! Los Angeles to be first? Thx Jimmy Kimmel, Jamie Oliver & John Deasy!

Like Jamie Oliver, I've spoken out for years against flavored milks in school... That "Raise your hand for Chocolate Milk" campaign a couple years ago was just atrocious. I see the benefit to the Dairy Council of adding sugar to milk. But what's the benefit to children's health? The American Heart Association says kids shouldn't have more than 3 teaspoons of sugar a day. And yet the flavored milk at my children's school are equivalent to 7-8 teaspoons of sugar..! Plus, we all know milk already is a sweet drink, with its naturally occurring sugar (or lactose).

It's that lactose that gives tummy trouble to a majority of folks around the planet. Pushing milk onto children of color may well be a bit culturally insensitive...

Sugar is delicious but dangerous. It's a pro-inflammatory agent that does damage. Throwing sugar onto something otherwise healthy renders it un-. And sure we all could use Vitamin D. If we're not getting enough from the sun, then we can take supplements or spray it onto other foods/drinks just like it's sprayed into milk.

So let's hope L.A. rids itself of those extra-sugary flavored milks. (Thanks Superintendent John Deasy and Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Kimmel..!) And even better, let's hope healthy children over the age of 2 are mostly drinking water...

Monday, April 25, 2011

MeMe Roth is fat.

I'm fat. Not medically fat. Fat for me. Dbl-bouncing, jiggling, pulling-on-me-with-every-step-during-my-daily-run fat.

I'm older, have major fat genes, have had two pregnancies, crave sweets, been a little blue, and most days have to talk myself into my workout. So what?? So what if all of the above is true. Desire doesn't cause pregnancy. Anger doesn't leave a bruise. And NONE of the above is why I'm fat.

I'm fat b/c of the way I've been eating lately. That's an action for which I'm solely responsible. Being a healthy weight--an optimal weight--is 100% up to me. The rest is nonsense victim-speak.

Have you seen the one lately? How obesity might be related to your inner-ear..? Riiiiight. It's an orifice alright, but not your ear..!

So yeah, I'm pushing maximum density right now and have no one and nothing to blame but myself.

I'm outta here. Gonna go catch a run...