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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mike & Molly - CBS Sitcom Fat People Will Hate

Wow, Did you catch CBS's new sitcom, "Mike & Molly"? If you're into non-stop fat jokes, you'll LOVE it... And if tired tubby cliches aren't a laughfest for ya, there's un-funny fart, balls, prostitute, bitches, stoner jokes, and a blow job reference no laugh track could save...

Police officers won't find it ironic that Mike, the male lead, is unfit to serve. Teachers won't find it endearing that Molly, the female lead, screams at her classroom of 4th-graders, "Shut Up..!" Think Roseanne Barr and John Goodman, without the humor.

And Mike & Molly (like Nikki Blonsky's fat camp dramedy "Huge") perpetuates the myth that all thin people eat with abandon (beef & cheese deluxe, fries and orange soda, along with devil's chocolate black-out cake) yet never seem to gain weight. And meanwhile, all non-weight-challenged Americans are inconsiderate, insensitive and mocking of their dangerously obese loved ones.

And there's the oft-quoted fat-lady's lament from Molly..."I'll never be a size 2..!" Uh, who expects the morbidly obese to become size 2s..? And, hey little boy, you're NOT wrong! "How could you be a cop and be so fat..??" All officers unable to meet their fitness requirements should be asked that reasonable question.

Executive Producer Chuck Lorre is a super-talent. Two & a Half Men, Dharma & Greg, Big Bang Theory, etc.--This guy knows how to make us laugh despite ourselves. Even his vanity cards have a cult following... (Hey Chuck! It's "Fat Bottom Girls" by Queen, not "Big".) But no such luck with the low brow and lame Mike & Molly.

There is a big winner though..! (Other than Melissa McCarthy's adorable dimples...) Overeaters Anonymous should expect a major surge in meeting-goers. Truly, OA may be a great resource if improper eating and excess weight are issues for you...


Anonymous said...

Hey Meme, love you! i just wanted to say EAT APPLES and drink water simple as that!

Fat Bastardo said...

I don' think most fat people will hate the show but the FA movement will have a fit about it. LOL!

CG Brady said...

Thankfully the FA movement is losing members and credibility but sadly the Surgeon General seems to be endorsing HAES.

Obesity is a symptom of gluttony which is a symptom of a society that seems to have two things it wants anti-depressants and food. It's a vicious cycle.

We need to show restraint and practice moderation but we also need to find something that matters to us more than material things and instant gratification.