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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"What's Eating You?" Is a Damning Indictment of Junk Food--and Hard to Watch

Have you seen "What's Eating You?" on the E! network? Tonight's the season finale, with repeats into the weekend...

Incredibly tragic, alarming and in-your-face... E's "What's Eating You?" is hard to watch (I mean REALLY hard to watch. You've never been next to the toilet of a bulimic, and you wish you weren't.), but insightful.

You'll find 9 times outta 10, if there's an eating disorder--whether one resulting in obesity, purging or starved anorexia--the object of fixation, obsession, compulsion is almost always junk food, not real nourishment.

And see how the dangerously underfed Adrienne is handled by her concerned coworkers? If she were obese, there'd be cries of "discrimination..." in today's twisted pro-fat-acceptance world.

Watch "What's Eating You?", and more than any gross-out factor, your heart breaks for these people.

And again and again I say it, but we must define FOOD as that which nourishes. All these other substances are nothing more than "ingestible entertainment..." and frequently take people down a very dark path.


Fat Bastardo said...

One more thing. What people eat is a choice.

Bulimic said...

I totally agree that it comes down to a preoccupation with junk food.

My family brought me up to think food was comfort and love, and often used it as a reward or punishment. I would get treats for being good, or told I would go to bed with no supper if I didn't behave. They would've never followed through with the latter mind you, but as a child I believed it anyway.

My older sister has two children and between her and my obese mother, have managed to overfeed an 18 month old toddler to nearly 55lbs. To put this into perspective really quick, the other child is 5 and weighs around 60-65. He's already set up for a life of obesity, but they won't listen to the doctor or anyone else. My sister is deluded by mother into thinking he's a 'big boy' and she says she can't wait to see how big he gets- feeding him copius portions whenever he so much as whimpers for it. He's maybe an inch taller than other kids his age- hardly standing out in size. He's simply fat. And he knows all the names of his favourite foods- 'pizza', 'cookie', 'fries', 'nuggets', 'bit'(this is what he calls donuts), and 'bubba'(his large bottles filled to the top with 2% milk, of which he gets up to 5 a day). This is outrageous, considering he still can't distinguish people from one another- he still refers to everyone as 'Mum'. The kid isn't even two, and he is already THAT obsessed with food. I can only imagine, from watching this, how I formed my own.

I developed an eating disorder as I was always unhappy with my appearance, but could never quite kick all the junk/drugs they call 'food' that I was raised on- much like my nephew. I really am trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but I'm afraid things aren't going to fully change until I get out of this environment. I can't blame all my problems on them, but they certainly don't help me, shoving crap in my face because they think I'm too thin or need to eat. My sister and mother will both buy my favourite things and sabotage my efforts to avoid binging and purging, just so they can take comfort in knowing I eat the same garbage they do.

As you can see, the situations that result in these disorders can be very, very messed up. I don't think I will be able to recover, until I can live on my own. I really don't know why I'm posting this. But you're right, anyway. Whether they overeat, purge, or starve, they all want to eat crap all the time.

CG Brady said...


I think you may find this article interesting.

I'm a weight loss coach and I can tell you that obesity take a huge toll on marriages. One may think that it is husbands who complain the most about a fat wife but actually it is wives who complain the most about fat husbands. Not only do they find men with boobs and bellies a turn off but they find that their performance in bed is sadly lacking.

Anonymous said...

F.B. what people eat is choice but to choose to eat the wrong foods or too much of any type of food is to choose to be unhealthy, develop serious health consequences, limit what you can do for activities and shorten your life. And unless you've been a healthy weight and gotten a good amount of exercise at some point in your life, you don't know what you are missing. When I compare my 'fat' days to now, I realize how obsessed I was with what and how much I would eat, over what I would actually do in a day. My body feels so good, wants to move, feels good to move. My mind isn't sluggish after eating. I sleep great and wake rested, looking forward to so much in the day, rather than what I would eat.
I hope every obese person chooses to treat their body better, their whole life will be more enjoyable.

Fat Bastardo said...

Gluttony is a choice and most Americans are choosing gluttony.It must have a bigger payoff to them than eating healthy.

Fat people are the cause of their obesity.

Mike Hunt said...

Obesity and gluttony are symptoms of a greedy and gluttonous society.