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Thursday, April 28, 2011

You said skinny, right? Whew! as long as you don't say FAT..! Candice Swanepoel of Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret's Candice Swanepoel looks thin. But if she were "startling fat," would we be allowed to say it?


Fat Bastardo said...

Someone near and dear to me has been given crap because she's skinny. Young women are often hurt by the put downs but as they get older the see it for the envy that it is.

In the work place it is a real problem. Fat girls often view slender women as a threat. I have observed this many years ago in clubs. When an attractive statuesque woman would walk in the catty remarks would start as the male heads would turn to see true feminine beauty.

It is interesting that today's size zero in slacks is a 24"-25" waist. Petite women today are forced to buy children's clothing. Very few women with a 24" waist are underweight.

The truth is, slender women look better. Instead of all you fat girls getting all jealous and being mean to these women start eating responsibly and get lean and healthy. Deep down you know that is what men want to see and what you all want to be.

Anonymous said...

Ahh the old double standard. Gee, according the the fatosphere fat is beautiful and desirable. I'm confused.

N.V. said...

Right on!