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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More to Love...or More to Fear..?

She's a self-proclaimed "size 18" who thinks plus-sized should be called normal because it's America's new statistical norm. Plus, she thinks leading lady love interests on TV should be overweight to prove mainstreaming and acceptance of overweight/obese. Here's her article specifically about these new plus-sized reality shows.

More to Love or more to fear..? I'm going with fear. Meet pro-fat pundit Joy Tipping by clicking here. (Blink and you'll miss my appearance...)

And for fun check out the difference between obligatory compliments vs. the real deal... Is that a Victoria Secret catalogue in your pocket, Harry Smith? Or are you just glad to see the underwear models up close and personal..? Either way, authentic desire is a dead give-away... Harry throws compliments of "beautiful" to plus-sized poster child, Emme, in the link above. But just watch him here with the models... Healthy hetero-libido doesn't lie.

Should a love connection be made on the FOX show "More to Love", keep this in mind. These contestants are 200-300+ pounds and only in their twenties. Ahead the expectation should be orthopedic problems, snoring and sleep apnea, gall bladder disease, kidney stones, and more seriously, type 2 diabetes, cancer and dementia, as well as fertility and pregnancy complications including a greater likelihood for a child with birth defects. This is the "reality" of obese love in America 2009.

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