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Friday, August 21, 2009

Corn Refiners Association Thinks We're Stupid

You've seen the new ads, right? That high fructose corn syrup isn't any worse for you than sugar...

Exactly, HFCS is similar to sugar health-wise: bad for you.

Before you righteously go purchase the "better stuff" Snapple, Mexican-made Coca-Cola, "throwback Pepsi," or any of the other HFCS-free concoctions, remember to check the label for grams of sugar.
(Divide the number of grams of sugar by 4 to get your teaspoon count. 12 grams = 3 teaspoons of sugar. And don't be tricked by serving size verses the entire bottle.)

Sugar, like HFCS, is a pro-inflammatory substance that damages your arteries and raises your "bad" cholesterol, not to mention the risk of type 2 diabetes, excess calories and the added sugars hidden in every product to prompt cravings and over-eating.

Preying on social insecurity, the Corn Refiners' new ads want you to be embarrassed for even questioning HFCS. It's genius on the side of the food/beverage/corn refiners industries...

So yeah, maybe HFCS isn't much worse than table sugar, brown sugar, raw sugar, honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, etc. (Although some studies are surfacing that the heart, among other things, might be negatively affected by HFCS. So keep posted.)

The Corn Refiners Association thinks by saying HFCS = Sugar, you'll say. "Hooray, load me up..!" They think you're stupid.

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