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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

"Open Happiness" says Coke. "Pour on the Pounds" says Cathy Nonas and NYC's Dept of Health

I'm on Delta heading from Atlanta back to NYC... The Coca-Cola-emblazoned screen on the seat in front of me reads: "Open Happiness."

Coke makes the further promise of "Deliciously Uplifting."

There's no mention that colas are linked to obesity, diabetes, osteoporosis, ADHD-type reactions to the food coloring, tooth decay or any other health horror. Not so "happy" I guess.

Meanwhile, Cathy Nonas and the NYC Department of Health and Human Hygiene are rockin' a new campaign to curb cola consumption (along with all those other fat-inducing sweetened beverages). Their sign reads: "Are You Pouring on the Pounds?" And follows up with "Don't Drink Yourself Fat."

Remember, dump 1 soda a day and opt for water instead, and you'll drop 14 pounds of fat by this time next year. Drinking 2 or 3 soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, syrupy coffees or sugar-filled smoothies a day today..? Imagine your shrinking waistline if you go with water instead...

Now if we can just convince parents to hook their kids on water instead of this liquid candy...

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phyllismc said...

when I quit opening happiness (I mean coke) daily in Feb 2007 I lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks. It's been two years and all of my other annoying symptoms are gones as well.