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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Gotta Love the Gays...

Gays, Heteros and Lesbians... Guess who's the fittest of them all..?

Homosexual Men are the leanest among us. Next comes our Straight friends. And the heftiest are the Lesbians...

Now, guess who has the most sex..? Who's scratching the intolerable neural itch? soothing the infinite ache? quenching the eternal thirst..?

You got it. Seems like those staying in the best shape enjoy the most sex... (Makes perfect sense, right??)

Gay Men are getting it on the most. Then comes the Heteros. And lastly are our buddies suffering the infamous Lesbian Bed Death...

And for the homophobes out there... No, staying in great shape will NOT turn you gay... Although, you never know who might get turned on by your ripped bod, steely guns and six pack.

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