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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McDonald's Mac Snack Wrap Conjured in Obesity Hell...

Hell yeah they did..!

Why let the pizza makers have all the glory of OREO dessert pies, Cinnamon and icing drizzled Cinnapies and arks of pizza dough overflowing with pasta...

Noooo, McDonald's needed to get into the "4th Meal" action and knockoff that we-serve-salads-too halo.

I bring you the Mac Snack Wrap--as in Big Mac.

I always joked that Americans will eat anything repentance-free if you add the word "snack" to it--what with it written right there in junk food marketers' good book: "let there be snacking...!"

On your knees, America. Anything with 380 calories, (a day's worth of fat and a teaspoon of sugar), is a MEAL--quite possibly your last.

Meet me in hell, you red-haired, big-shoed, yellow-suited demon.

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