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Monday, December 07, 2009

See the New Food Label from CSPI..?

What do you think of the new suggested Nutrition Label from the Center for Science in the Public Interest..?

I Love it..!

(Full Disclosure: As president of National Action Against Obesity, I volunteer on several CSPI sub-committees, especially in the areas of school food and marketing food to children...)

CSPI can't be lauded enough for their tireless efforts over the past several decades...Michael Jacobson and Margo Wootan are heroes...

How about 1 more tiny change to the Food Label..?

2000 Calories as the suggested daily intake is hundreds more calories per day than most of us require... The average American adult is 5'7"...and, unfortunately, sedentary.

So the daily suggested calories should be something more like 1500 Calories...

Want to eat more? Great! Earn those extra calories with exercise... Every mile run will buy ya 100 more calories.

Either way, with all the wonderful improvements suggested by the CSPI, the Nutrition Label also should reflect a more realistic, healthy, daily calorie intake.

2000 calories works fine if 200 pounds would be an ideal healthy weight for ya--like if you're 6 foot 4.

Read more about the new Food Label in Tara Parker Pope's New York Times article...


Anonymous said...

I'm 4'11" and a fully grown woman (in my twenties). I weigh 95 lbs. A BMI of 19.2. So according to you, I should eat only 950 calories a day if I don't exercise?

That's ridiculous. I would end up in the hospital. I eat anywhere from 1500 - 2000 calories a day (a mix of healthy and unhealthy food) and maintain my healthy weight. And the only exercise I do is 20 minutes of hatha yoga each day which hardly burns any calories.

MeMe Roth said...

Glad you wrote this... The calorie equation is a general guideline, not a law. It's a benchmark to help people who are struggling with their weight and portion sizes who want to know where to begin. With any advice on eating or exercise, you tweak and adjust to meet the needs of your body and demands of your day. We're all a little different, so we have to customize the advice so it optimizes our own individual body, lifestyle and health goals. Thanks so much for your comment!

Anonymous said...

MeMe, you came across poorly on Dr. Phil today; however, I checked out your website and agree with you on most points. I changed my lifestyle 3 years ago and lost 25 pounds, got very fit and lean and took up long distance running and weights. I went cold turkey on fast food restaurants and most junk. It's all about accountability. When I regularly ate crap I felt crappy and was unfit. Now I feel terrific and can easily maintain. If anyone wants some inspiration or to post their hurdles or accomplishments or to exchange fitness ideas, check out my facebook group called FITNESS WARRIORS (with the Wonder Woman logo). The hardest part of the body to train is the brain -- Once people can change their mindset, the rest comes more easily. Thanks for your website, very informative.
from Gloria in Canada