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Monday, June 28, 2010

"Huge" show about Anorexia airs tonight on ABCFamily

Congratulations to ABCFamily for promoting positive body image. Tonight's world premiere, "Huge," stars dangerously gaunt Nikki Blonsky of "Hairspray" fame. The show takes place in a teen camp for habitual under-eaters and self-starvers, including a moderately underweight character played by David Hasselhoff's daugther, Hayley. But it's the 21 year-old Blonsky who plays our heroine and defies the camp's will for her to become a healthy weight. The alarmingly emaciated character says it best, "Why should I change..?"


Anonymous said...

I love the sarcasm. (And this isn't me being sarcastic. It really isn't).

I think the show's purpose though, isn't neccessarily to say, "Hey, it's okay to be an unhealthy weight!" but it's to say that anyone can be confident in the body they currently have. This show does take place at a weight loss camp, so it's filled with people that want to change, (aside from the main character), so maybe the show will incorporate weight loss and confidence? I like the idea of the show but I'm going to need to see a few episodes before I can form a stronger opinion and finally fall of this fence I'm perched on.

Anna Piela said...

Ridiculous idea behind the show, like one extreme can be eradicated with the introduction of another extreme. Somebody behind the show has a problem with logical thinking.

Mike Hunt said...

I think the writers are pulling the wool over the viewers eyes. Will A Mean A comes off as a real jerk. She's a typical histrionic fat girl. I suspect she's gonna be the next poster girl for Jenny Craig or Nutra System.

Read between the lines. The slightly chubby girl is actually the heroine and Willameana is the villain.

When I played in a band my band members had fat wives and girl friends. They were very mean to my wife who is a slender shrinking violet. They were mean because they were jealous just like Will a Mean ahhhh....

Willameana is a very accurate portrayal of today's greedy girl glutton. Skinny girls are not the mean ones. Those pro ana young women very timid.

Obviously junk food is a greater pay-off than good health, personal responsibility and physical attractiveness. The FA girls would like to change thousands of years of human evolution and make obesity attractive. Some men have a fetish for fat. Real men find obese female repulsive. Don't blame the modeling industry. Blame evolution.