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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pro-Fat Acceptance is Over. Healthy at Every Size (HAES) is Over.

R.I.P. Obesity... You're torturing Americans, especially our most precious newborns. Pro-Fat Acceptance is Over. Healthy at Every Size (HAES) is Over. I say so. Darwin says so.

Obese Pregnancy = $200,000.00
Normal Pregnancy = $13,000.00

And how do you calculate the human suffering..?

Paul Campos and Linda Bacon, pay up..!


Sarah Dee said...

It makes me so sad, continue fighting the fight meme! People need to hear the truth!


Anonymous said...

God, how depressing. How can the very vocal Mommy Brigade be SO OUTRAGED about career women choosing elective C-sections, but be silent when obese women are having them at an even more alarming rate?

Anonymous said...

This is women with a BMI over 40.
A woman who has a BMI over 40 has a harder time with pregnancy.

I used to have a BMI at 36.

Ever since I lost the weight, I dropped 11 lbs and now have a BMI of 34.

I want to go even further and drop 30 more lbs and with my goals, I know I will go finish my weight loss journey! I have confidence!

I hope one day to help other obese women lose weight too.

But more importantly, it's about having a healthy and active lifestyle!

Fat Bastardo said...

MeMe, you are such a mother hen!

With our health care crisis and all the starving doctors high risk pregnancies mean extra money for our under paid doctors.

The birth defects these little cherubs have create jobs for our special ed teachers and pediatricians and other therapists.

These tykes will be fat so they will eat more and that helps the farmers and the restaurants.

MeMe you need to connect the dots. Gluttony is good.