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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Is this you? You want it so bad. And maybe it takes loads and loads to satisfy you?

I find it hard to even look at this photo of the chocolate cake... I want to eat the whole damn thing, and I don't mean one slice. No, I want to grab the rest of the cake box and empty it out, and maybe hunt down the baker for another...

How 'bout you? No effect? One nibble will go a long way? Or maybe you wanna scarf it down?

Scientific American and Eric Stice at the Oregon Research Institute are calling it the "Goldilocks Principle of Obesity."

For me, eating sweets just triggers the urge to eat more sweets. Why is that true for most of us? There are 2 things going on: 1- a cascade of pleasure chemicals is released when I eat sweets, so now craving-inducing dopamine reminds me of that constantly. Eat it! Eat it! Eat it! It was sooo delicious last time..! And 2- a charge of sugar leads to a rush of insulin, then a plummet in sugar. So my now out-of-whack-blood-sugar-body tries to convince me I'm hungry even when I'm really not. Smarter, more disciplined people than I are giving up sugar altogether. (Way to go, Ellen DeGeneres..!) So far, I'm just trying not to go overboard. I make sure to eat right and exercise daily, and basically eat within my means. But if I had to be 100% honest, I'd be better off just ditching the treats.

Connie Bennett's SugarShock! book is a great resource for giving up sugar...

Food Makers know all about our behavioral and neuro-chemical dependencies upon junk food. They installed them after all... We're onto you about the "Bliss Point," Kellogg's, Coke and Kraft..! And who owned Kraft up to just a few years ago..?


Unknown said...

I know artificial sweeteners are not that great either, but giving up sugar freed me . I can say with 100% honesty "Nope, don't want it. Don't want the high/lows. Don't want to spend 2 weeks trying to get my weight and body back to where it was." Especially since my uncle's badly-managed diabetes caught up with him and put him on dialysis.
Meme , ever heard of Better Than Sex cake? How long has it been for someone if they think cake is better LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wish I didn't have a Birthday tomorrow, I also wish cake wasn't the source of celebrating either. I requested a small one - everyone gets one piece - so I won't be going back for seconds, thirds, and so on.

Tazchick, My mother used to make that cake a lot when I was little. I feel sorry for the person that invented the cake. Haha.

Sarah Dee said...

I'm that way when it comes to salty food!


Unknown said...

Our first anniversary is coming up in July which means I also have a cake to contend with. Dad's pre-diabetic, and mom and me are on sugar free diets. I'm on track to be 10 lbs lighter than I was on my wedding day and I really don't want to blow it. I'm thinking of trashing the year old frozen cake and blaming it on raccoons!

Robert Su, Pharm.B., M.D. said...

While I agree that sugars are our worst enemies. But we must understand carbohydrates except most undigestible fibers are sugars too, especially the refined ones such as flour products and starchy foods.

Overweight/obesity is just one of the medical problems as a result of high blood sugar after meal. Everyone should be vigilant on restricting carbohydrates to preventing him/her from becoming a diabetic, not just obese.


Carter Drake said...

Eating it might feel good, but having the discipline to say, "no thanks" makes me feel great.