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Friday, October 30, 2009

Marathoners, You're Here..! I'm So Glad to See You..!

It's Fall in New York City and Central Park is magical... the trees are brilliant yellow, there's a touch of romance you can just feel, and the breeze has an edge of chill to let you know winter will be coming soon...

And guess what?? A week ago the bleachers were going up. And this week?? Rows of bright orange flags and the finish line..!

Yes yes yes..! The marathoners are here--from all around the world. You can see them with their upright posture, striking features, and that look in their eyes that all runners share.

It's time for the ING New York City Marathon... and the energy is buzzing...

Running the marathon was a one-time thing for me. I knew it was something I had to knock-out in life, and I couldn't have been more elated when I crossed the finish line. (This is where most people boast about their times.) It's a long story and I sure could've used these tips, but suffice it to say that I finished well behind a guy dressed up as a giant pair of testicles...

Truly, people wear all sorts of costumes in the race. They're running and raising money and awareness for special causes... Since my own marathon, I can't help but go back year-after-year to cheer. It's amazingly uplifting... I dare you to spend five minutes on the sidelines without getting choked up. What about the running guides for the blind..? Heroes.

Hooray for all of your stories, your special motivation, your true grit..! I'll be just inside Central Park cheering, cheering, cheering for you this Sunday.

And congratulations in advance: 26.2 miles: You've gone the distance.

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Dr. J said...

I know several world class marathoners! Anyone that thinks runners become anorexic should see these warriors! One is a two time Boston winner. Another won New York nine times!

I ran 35 miles one time! I'd tell you about it, but it's all a blur :-)